Welcome to my LEGO City! The city is the primary focus in the LEGO room. It currently has a 200 square foot layout and consists of a downtown, residential, ocean, beach, Ninjago district, train yard, ground line train for freight, elevated train line for passenger, airport, and an amusement park. The LEGO city is constantly growing and changing; it literally will never stop. As I progress as a LEGO building the city will
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Lego City Update! 200 Sq Ft, Trains, MOCs, Plans, more. Feb 2018

Placing Downtown Diner – LEGO City Mini Update – Set 10260

Placing Custom Avengers Tower LEGO City Mini Update

Lego City Update January 29th 2017 – Brand New Layout – Skyscraper, Assembly Square & Construction!

LEGO City Train Update – Cargo , Heavy Haul & Passenger Speed Train Cruising & Crashing

Lego City Update January 2017 – Brand New Layout – Skyscraper, Assembly Square & More in the Works!

Lego City Update December 2016 160 Square Feet Sky Train , Airport , Fantasy , Modular Buildings

Lego City Update Featuring MOCs MODs & Custom – November 2016

Lego City Update- November 2016 – Airport & Sky Train

LEGO City Custom Details & Improvements – Time Lapse Speed Build

Lego City Walkthrough #1 – Approximately 165 Sq. Foot Layout – Fantasy, Disney, & City Areas 

LEGO City Fantasy Area Landscape Time Lapse Speed Build – Custom Paths, Bushes & Mini Figures